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The WellCard™ is a discount health care provider access program for individual employees and their dependents. With the WellCard™ users receive valuable discounts on health care services such as medical, pharmacy, chiropractic, etc. The WellCard™ is not health insurance. It is national purchasing alliance whereby members receive deep discounts from doctors, chiropractors, pharmacies etc. in return for cash payment at time the service is rendered.

The WellCard™ products are targeted towards four market segments.

  • The Non-Participating Sector- hourly and part time workers, restaurants, hotels, temporary staffing agencies, gaming, hospitality industries etc.
  • The Mini-Group markets- employers of 1-20 people, 40% offer no health benefits at all.
  • Non Covered Medical Benefits- deductibles, annual exams, OB/GYN, Well baby, Mental Nervous, Voluntary Cosmetic procedures, Pre-existing conditions, etc.

If you are a health underwriter, a benefit broker or an employer searching for a performance enhancer you need the WellCard™ in your product portfolio. To learn more about reseller opportunities send us an e-mail and tell us about yourself and your interest. Contact us at


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