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“Ideally patient bills would be paid in full at time of service and patients would receive excellent quality care from competent health care providers”

Unfortunately there are millions of individuals and families in the US that have little or no insurance. Many of those with insurance are underinsured and many more are in managed care plans where their doctors are forced to spend more time on submitting paperwork to the “Payers” than on treating the patient.

The WellCard™ Medical Savings Program is a program of choice, access, savings, and responsibility. It is not health insurance! This program is first and foremost a medical benefits discount program that helps people with insufficient or no insurance. It will also provide savings on healthcare expenses that are not normally covered by insurance. The program provides choice of doctors and other medical providers without the red tape of having a third party looking over either the doctors’ or the patients’ shoulder to decide what services will be reimbursed.

The WellCard™ Medical Savings Program has the following features:

  • The bill must be paid in full by the patient at the time of service.
  • The bill is “re-priced on line” at the physician’s office or ancillary clinic.
  • The patients have clear direction or steerage to the provider through a network using an ID card that identifies them as a WellCard™ self pay patients.
  • The WellCard™ system allows the provider’s office to access the database of their own negotiated contracts. Provider bills can be instantly “re-priced” by any of your staff by simply calling the toll free number and using a touch-tone phone to access the system. The whole process usually takes less than two minutes.

What this means to the WellCard™ providers is that patients who normally do not have health insurance or limited coverage will have a positive incentive to seek care at a WellCard™ network provider. As you know, the majority of these patients seek medical care from any source that they can and usually pay with cash or with credit card at time of service. WellCard™ members will pay you at the time of service or the reduced fees would not apply.

Obviously, not everyone is qualified for this type of program, but millions do have the ability to pay for their medical services at the time of service in order to receive a reduced bill. The most positive thing about this program is that you get paid immediately! How long do you normally have to wait to get reimbursed by your other payers?

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