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Medical WellCard™

The Medical WellCard™ is an ideal supplement to a current insurance plan and perfect for anyone who does not have medical coverage. There are no waiting periods, no limits on visits or services, no deductibles, no age limits, no claim forms, and all pre-existing conditions are covered.

The Medical WellCard™ allows you to access over 350,000 providers nationwide. Providers include general practitioners, internists, pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologist, obstetricians, gynecologists, chiropractors and more. Every time members use the Medical WellCard™ they receive substantial group negotiated discounts. The member simply shows his/her WellCard™ at the time of service and provided that he/she settle their accounts with cash, check, or credit card they will receive a discount.

The Medical WellCard™ is perfect for:

  • People without health benefits
  • People with limited health benefits
  • People with pre-existing conditions
  • People with out-of-pocket expenses such as:
    • Deductibles
    • Non-covered healthcare expenses
    • Annual physical exams
    • Mental and nervous coverage
    • Voluntary cosmetic procedures
    • Out-of-network expenses
    • HMO participants who want to go "outside" the restrictive process
    • People using MSA accounts to meet their deductibles
  • People in occupations where comprehensive health insurance is unavailable or unaffordable:
    • Hourly and part time workers
    • Small business owners / employees
    • Independent contractors
    • Service industry workers
    • Temporary staffing agency employees

WellCard™ medical providers are participants of national Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOS). Click "Search Providers " tab and follow the prompts.

Participating doctors’ offices have access to eligibility verification and contract pricing information using the toll free telephone number displayed on your WellCard™. The doctor’s office calls the toll free number, keys in the WellCard™ member ID, the doctor’s tax identification, the appropriate CPT code(s) and the doctor’s usual and customary fee for that service. The WellCard™ allowable amount is reported to the caller. The WellCard™ member pays the reported educed fee at the time of service. Participating doctors have an agreement that they will not bill the member for the difference between their usual and customary fee and the reduced reported fee.

To receive medical care, just call a PPO providor and schedule an appointment. Tell the office that you belong to the PPO whose name and logo appears on your Medical WellCard™. Your doctor will want to see your WellCard™ ID card so be sure to bring it with you each time you have an appointment. The first time you have an appointment with the doctor also bring the “fulfillment document” you received with your WellCard™ registration. This contains important information that will help your doctor's office to process your payment.

WellCard™ believes that informed patients make better healthcare decisions. We offer you the following links to pursue healthy choices.

Visit the American Medical Associations On Line Doctor Finder where you will find information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States. Also visit the American Medical Association's on line Health Insight site and learn about specific conditions, general health, family focus and interactive health.

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